I'm havng a skin irritation or reaction. What gives?

 It is totally normal to have a case of angry pits when you make the switch from conventional deodorant to Primal Pit Paste. Your body is acclimating to the alkaline pH of the baking soda in P3. Baking soda is an odor and bacteria-controlling rockstar, but your body may need to adjust to its naturally powerful action at first, which takes a week or so for most people. If you are experiencing extreme irritation or intolerable discomfort, or are experiencing anything not described in our Pit Detox Protocol, discontinue the use of your Primal Pit Paste and contact us so that we can provide advice. It may be as simple as using the P3 every other day for a while or using the soothing Pit Primer first. If you want to hear from others going through the same thing, read our customer Mary’s testimonial at the bottom of this page.You might also find that your super sensitive skin is a better fit for our Primal Pit Paste Light formula or our Happy Pits Sensitive Stick, which is free of baking soda.